The Works of God on Display


February 25, 2016


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Today is Day One. A Daily Devotional by: Matthew West

This happened so that the works of God might be displayed in him. John 9:3 NIV

     Tim was born with cerebral palsy. He approached me after a concert in Georgia, and we stuck up a conversation. We talked about our love for baseball and gave each other a hard time when were fans of rival teams. Then He said, “I want to tell you my favorite Bible verses. In John 9:1-3 the disciples passed by a blind man and asked Jesus why he was born blind. I love Jesus’s answer to them! He said that the man was born blind so the works of God might be displayed through him.” Tim had a huge grin on his face as if to say, “I can relate to that blind man.” 

     Tim’s hands are crippled. I watched him use one hand to push the other out of the way for our picture, jokingly shouting to his hand, “Down boy!” Tim is confined to his wheelchair, and he’s had more surgeries than he can count. But he’s not asking why. Instead, he’s asking how. How is God going to display His works through me today? 

     What a perspective! What a challenge to look at life the way Tim does. I told Tim that is exactly what I sensed when I first saw him. I saw the power of God and the joy of the Lord.

     I challenge to give you Tim’s perspective today. Instead of being like the disciples and asking why, ask God how.

     Lord, how are You going to display Your work through me today?

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